Our Story

In 2002, I embarked on my journey of building personal websites, and my passion for web development only grew stronger over time. With each new technology and skill I acquired, my website evolved and served as a canvas for my experiments and learning.

Then, in 2009, inspiration struck, and I conceived a concept where I could effortlessly share pictures on my website by simply sending an email with photo attachments. This concept materialized as the "tweet tweet" page, a mini blog section featuring concise titles and up to two images (see screenshot).

This concept evolved over time and eventually became the "InstaTweet" page, where the email subject transformed into the post title, the email body served as the post content, and unlimited email attachments were supported.

Fast forward to 2023, and I made the decision to create a platform where anyone can harness the power of this "InstaTweet" engine, now known as the Photo Email Blog.

Why not just use Instagram or Facebook?

Now, you might wonder why not just use popular platforms like Instagram or Facebook? The answer lies in the core philosophy of Email Photo Blog. It caters specifically to those who prefer not to use social media. As we all know, one of the downsides of social media is that your pictures and content can be easily accessed by virtually anyone on the Internet. It's essential to exercise caution when sharing your photos online, particularly those involving your children.

But why not just make Instagram account private?

You may argue that you can make your Instagram account private, but keep in mind that others can still see that you have an Instagram account, along with the number of posts, followers, and following. Additionally, the ownership of your photos and content becomes a concern. Platforms like Facebook utilize your data for advertising and other purposes that primarily benefit them. There's always the risk of your account being banned or the platform itself going out of business, potentially resulting in the loss of all your photos unless you have downloaded or backed them up. Remember platforms like Friendster, MySpace, Xanga, or CyWorld? They serve as reminders that any social media platform can meet a similar fate.

With Email Photo Blog, you retain full control over your photos and content. Privacy and ownership are at the forefront, ensuring that your memories remain secure and accessible only to those you choose to share them with. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of social media and embrace a platform that empowers you to safeguard your cherished moments for years to come.