Frequently Asked Questions

How is Email Photo Blog different from Instagram?

Email Photo Blog is designed with a clear purpose in mind: to preserve and share your precious moments exclusively with you and your family. Unlike platforms like Instgram and other social media, where the main focus is on gaining public visiblity, Email Photo Blog prioritizes privacy and intimacy. Think of it as your digital, online, family photo album for your family and chosen inner circle, without the intrusion of strangers.

How do I post to my photo blog?

Once you have your own photo blog website, you simply send email with picture attachemnts to a designed email address. The email subject becomes the post title, email content becomes the post content, along with the attached pictures. It's as simple as that!

How many pictures can I send with the email?

You can send as many pictures as you want as long as your email provider can support them but make sure that pictures are not compressed into zip file. Each email provider has their own limit on the attachment size. For example, Yahoo email allows up to 25MB, while Gmail limit is around 12MB. If you want to attach many pictures, you can select smaller picture resolution, which would make the file attachment smaller.

How do I get my own website URL address?

You willl need to register for a website domain, which is $12 per year for .com, .net. and .org. If the domain name that you want is not available, try .page, which is $10 per year. We recommend using Google Domains to register your own domain name and hope that you can find your own unique and easy to remember domain name, e.g.

Can I share specific posts with my friends?

Absolutely! Just click on the icon of the post you want to share. It will generate an access key. Then click on the icon to copy the URL with the special access key. You can simply paste this URL in a text or email to your friends, allowing them to view that specific post exclusively through the provided link.

Can I post videos?

Sorry, Email Photo Blog only support pictures. Any non-picture attachments, like videos or PDF files, will be ignored and not posted.

Email I sent did not get posted. How come?

Please make sure that your email had at least 1 picture attachment and email subject. Email without any picture attachment or subject will not get posted. Also, please wait up to 30 minutes as we post to email photo blog every 15 minutes.